Corsi di lingue

Siete alla ricerca di un corso di lingue su misura?



Se cercate dei corsi di lingue su misura, per bambini, adolescenti o adulti, siete arrivati al sito giusto.

Imparerete con il nostro metodo basato sul marco comune europeo di riferimento per le lingue (CECR).

Ci serviamo di una serie di tecniche didattiche basate sul metodo funzionale-nozionale, consistenti in giochi di ruolo e simulazione di situazioni reali, affinchè possiate imparare con la pratica.

Le lezioni possono essere a tu per tu o per videoconferenza.

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« I have been taking on-line French classes with Lunarmonia since September 2013. The French teacher is a very prepared multilingual professional with a deep knowledge of various foreign languages, not only of the syntax, phonology, pragmatic and semantics aspects, but also of the cultural aspects. French classes are interesting, carefully prepared and entertaining and the teacher is always available for further explanations in case those might be needed. I strongly recommend. »

Loredana Maria

Programme Assistant, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy

« Excellent French teacher, flexible, innovative, extremely capable of tailoring the course to meet the needs of the customer, and highly entertaining!”

Barbara Vinceti

Scientist, Forest Genetic Resources, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy

« Lunarmonia helped me a great deal to find again the French language after years and years of disuse. I took a short course to get ready for a holiday in France. During five lessons delivered over five weeks,  Lunarmonia helped me revisit all of the essentials that I would need for tourism, and I regained a bit of confidence to speak. Lunarmonia used Skype and completely customized the course for my needs – this bespoke approach was very accessible in all respects – I attended lessons from home, the price was fair, and the materials (including the amount of homework), tailored specifically to my level and my immediate purpose (the vacation). Lunarmonia is a perfect solution for a busy professional and mother of young children who doesn’t have time to waste commuting to classes or participating in a classroom setting that might move at a different pace. »

Allison Smith

Grants Office Manager, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy